Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Poem, by Minnie Lou Haskins

i said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:
give me a light that i may tread safely into the unknown.
and he replied:
step out into the darkness
and put your hand into the hand of God.
that shall be to you better than a light
and safer than a known way.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deal Breakers...

  1. Did your man ask you on a date over a text message? That's a deal-breaker, ladies.
  2. If you have to figure out your man's life for him on Date #1, that's a deal-breaker.
  3. Deal-Breaker: If your man has asked you on a date after you have dated 2 of his best friends.
  4. Does your man send you mass texts when he hasn't talked to you at all in a couple of weeks? Deal-Breaker.
  5. Have you been dating your man for a couple of months, but when he is asked about the girl he is dating, he just shrugs his shoulders with an, "ahhownknow"? Um, DEAL-BREAKER.
  6. What do you call a guy who doesn't ask you about yourself? Correct. Deal-Breaker.
  7. Does your man let you sit alone when you don't know anyone else at the party? Uh-huh. Deal-breaker.
  8. Does your man try to avoid seeing you in the halls at school when he knows you are there? And let me just remind you--he is no longer in the 8th grade. You know what that makes him.
  9. What if you are dating your man for a couple of months, pretty steadily, and then when you ask where things are going, he lets you know that you are just friends? D. E. A. L. -. B. R. E. A. K. E. R.
  10. Say that, on your first date, your man decides to list off the people he hates. What does that make him? A deal-breaker. (Guess what, Deal-Breaker, there is this little thing you should look up called "class." And while you are at it, look up "good-taste." Thank you.).
  11. Did you text your man on his day off and he didn't text you back all day? Then, when he saw you later that night, after you two had said your "hellos" he let it slip that he had been chilling all day, doing nothing. Then, after your "goodbyes", did he text you back with an answer to what you texted him? I know it's complicated, but you gotta know. That's a deal-breaker.
  12. Did your man forget there are no such things as secrets on Facebook? Ouch. Deal-breaker.
Listen ladies*, I know it's rough. But it seems like all of this would be common sense, right? Wrong. Some guys just don't get it. That's why we as ladies* have to be alert to what is actually going on. Shut. It. Down. Shut it down if your man really is a deal-breaker. We deserve what we deserve and we happen to deserve the very best.

*Note: The "ladies" I was just talking to probably don't exist. I just made them up. That was me talking to myself, trying to make me feel better and to get myself excited again about dating. And my list of deal-breakers is my way of venting. Now, I can cool down and breathe. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So, I am sitting awake in my bed, not sleeping for the past few hours, but listening to that kid's rendition of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" (from the previous post, a few hours ago). Do you want to know what I think is so amazing? The way people express themselves through music.

For some, it's creating music. The lyrics and the music come from someone's thoughts and feelings. The emotion that is put into the music I listen to just astounds me.

For some, it's sharing music. Whether you are this kid who uses another artist's music to express himself, or whether you are a person who produces music or distributes it, you must believe in it at least a little to share it with the world.

For some, like me, it's listening to it. I don't know about you, but there is music I listen to that corresponds with my mood. I have music that I listen to when I am happy--it's the upbeat, fist-pumping type music. It's the kind you just can't help but dance to. On the other end of the spectrum, there is music I listen to when I am sad. There is also music I listen to to calm down, or music that says exactly what I can't say.

Music is such a universal language. I can listen to something foreign and love it as much as I love my usual music. I was talking to a friend who wants to go to Brazil to play his music. He was telling me how much Brazilians love American music, even if they don't understand what it is saying. That's pretty awesome.

Music creates experiences that can be both personal, and communal. Portable music devices made music a personal experience. Groups, such as choirs, make music a shared effort. Niches, groups of people that share a common interest, are formed based on music preferences, like when people gather at concerts. It can be shared with friends, or be kept special for yourself. I like to share my favorite music with the people I care about most.

I never really realized how special music is to me until these past few days when someone asked me if I know any really awesome music, and I thought twice about sharing it. That may sound a little selfish, but when something is so special to me, I like to be sure it will be appreciated by those whom I share it with.

Music is so amazing. It is truly one of the Lord's gifts to His children. I am just so grateful that talented friends and family will share it with me.  

Happy Birthday

Actually, it's no ones birthday. But here is this kid's gift to the world. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Floodgates A-Gush

Church was a little interesting.
It is fast Sunday and for some reason, in testimony meeting, I started crying and that was that.
I couldn't stop. I'm still not completely stable at the moment, but at least I'm not blubbering anymore.
It was quite embarrassing and did not go unnoticed.
My amazing Branch President actually called me to make sure I was OK. He is so amazing and was actually one of the deciding factors of me staying in Utah for a while.
I just want to say that I am OK. It was just a build up of the past few weeks of emotion and low blood sugar. I don't know why it came out all at once, but I was having struggs. (Thank you to Alex Agle for letting me use the word "struggs"--aka struggles--just this once. I owe you).

But, believe it or not, I did get a lot out of Testimony meeting.
President Walker reminded me that even if something is a good thing, maybe it is not meant to happen right now. We need to move forward with faith to work on the Lord's time table.
That is such a hard thing for me to remember. If I know what I want, I want it now.
It is a hard thing to understand and remember that even if it is good, maybe now is no the best time to have it.
It seems to me that sometimes, that's harder than finding out that something is not good, so we should not have it.
Is this making any sense? I hope so, because it is important to remember.

Another thing I got out of Testimony Meeting is what President Fischer talked about.
He reminded me that Satan's sole purpose is to make us miserable.
Sometimes, he gets such a strong hold on us and we can't seem to shake him, but we are never alone. We always have someone to turn to.
Also, at this time in our lives, we are super vulnerable to falling under the bus and being lost. Because of this, Satan is hitting us as hard as he can just to get us down and keep us down.

These things are so important to remember and I feel like they were talking directly to me. Isn't it interesting how the Lord works?

Happy Sunday, everyone. Love you all.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

True Love

"True love requires action. We can speak of love all day long—we can write notes or poems that proclaim it, sing songs that praise it, and preach sermons that encourage it—but until we manifest that love in action, our words are nothing..." 
--Elder Uchtdorf

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yoga=Togetherness, Forever.

Yoga. I love it. With my whole heart.
It is amazing. I cannot get over it and I think about it often.
It is sometimes hard and makes me want to die, but I love it so much.
I take a hot yoga class on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I can honestly say that it is my favorite part of those days.
 I sweat a lot. And breathe a lot. And forget to breathe a lot. But it is amazing.

Today, in class, we yoga-ed to Sting and Dido.
Why haven't I thought of that?
There is no one better to yoga to.
Except maybe Peter Gabriel.

 Imagine doing yoga to THIS, or THIS.
I know they seem a little crazy and up-beat, but we are talking POWER YOGA, people.
I had an amazing idea, all resulting from Yoga:
Yoga Tuesdays. Everyone from the singles branch would be invited, and we just do yoga together.
Yoga...bringing singles together. Forever.
I think so.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Better With Food

Woah. It's been a while my friends. I am very sorry.
A lot has happened that has kept me crazy busy and preoccupied with things I usually am not preoccupied with. But it's good to have a few changes in life. So I'm not complaining.

Today, I was writing down a list of weird things about me.
I called it, "Weird Things About Me."
I know, I know. I'm super-duper creative.
But it was an amazing exercise.
I tried to come up with things that are truly unique to me--what makes me different from everyone else.
I saw it in a TV show I was watching, and I thought to myself that it would not be a bad idea to try it, too.
The hope is that I recognize that I am different and weird compared to other people, but that's ok because it is what makes me me. And, it helped me remember that I am definitely not the only one in the world that has weird things that make them who they are.

While I has doing this exercise, I kept thinking about a certain scene from a certain movie.
You might know what I am talking about when I say "Jell-o" and "My Best Friend's Wedding". It is a great scene. Enjoy it HERE.

Basically, I kept thinking about how "You're never gonna be Jell-o" may be one of the truest statements in my life right now.
I will never be Jell-o. Maybe I will never be Creme Brulee.
Maybe, I am S'mores, or Can't Say No Sundae, or Banana Pudding.
I'm my own self.
You are your own self.
People can either accept it or not, love it or not. It's not your problem, it's theirs.
It's not my problem, it's theirs.
It is important that I not change who I am just make someone like me, or make someone happy.
I am me, and my list of weird things is going to stay my list of weird things. They are all keepers.

"AHA!" moment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is Why I Love Grandmama and Grandpapa's House.

Yesterday rocked my world.
But first, lets go to Sunday, which rocked it even harder.
After church, after dinner, we went walking along the most beautiful beaches in the California.
First, we went to Baby Beach, where I tried my hand at stand-up paddle boarding.
Grandpapa was kind enough to ask a man to let me try his board. It was amazingly fun.

Then, we made our way up to a new beach called Salt Creek. GORGEOUS.
It is the beach that numerous 6 million dollar lots and multi-million dollar homes overlook.
It is also those homes' backyards.
And it is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.
We all had tons o' fun.

Our House, in the Middle of the Beach.

Beach Explorer 1.

Beach Explorer 2.

Grandpapa and Smushy.

I'd Rather Be Sailing.

Happy Feet.

Grandpapa and Girls.

We kind of love each other.

They kind of love each other, too. Forever. Into the Sunset.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camino Capistrano

Would you like to know my absolute, most favorite place to be?
Camino Capistrano.
Subcategory places include Grandma and Grandpa's House, Grandma and Grandpa's swimming pool, and Dana Point Harbor.
Dana Point Harbor is amazing. This is where I first fell in love with boats and sailing. From Dana Point, you also have a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. It is gorgeous, especially right around the time the sun sets.

 One day, I will be a member of the Dana Point Yacht Club. This is also where I will be storing my Sailboat (Name Pending).

Last summer, I took the Dana Point Stroll with none other than the Sister Dano. This is what we saw last time:

Last night, Grandpapa, Papa, and I all took The Dana Point Stroll. 
It was so amazing.
I have been waiting for that walk since we were here last Summer.
It was even better than I remembered it. It always is.
You can't get better walking company than the Dennis Agles.
Unless, of course, you throw in a Grandmama, a Mama, a Smushy, and a Sister Dano.


It's that time of year again...
Time to pack your bags, pile in a car, and take a road trip down to California!!
The ride was a long one, but a fun one.
Included on the list of activities was singing loud, laughing hard and sleeping.
We were able to complete all of them.
Smushy took some time to make it so you, too, can feel part of the experience:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes...

Hey folks. Today is the day and I am so excited my heart might explode.
I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Last night was amazing.
Bree Lena came over and we watched the final episode of my favorite TV show, Heroes.
I must recommend this show to everyone. It is amazing.
It was what Bree Lena and I did on our Friday and Saturday nights. And sometimes Mondays. And sometimes Wednesdays.
It is just that amazing. I recommend it to the highest degree.

Also, it was dear Aria's last night in Utah AND there was a meteor shower.
So, Smushy, Bree Lena and I all crashed on Aria's lawn and watched the amazing night sky.
It was so beautiful and so incredible.
Nature is beautiful and Space is amazing.
Stars are fantastic and shooting stars are indescribable.
Wishes were made...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Happy...

CELEBRATION!! With a stomach bug, but a celebration none the less.
I took my last final today so I am officially done with summer semester at BYU.
It was crazy. No. That is an understatement. It was slightly more than crazy.
But oh I am so happy...

Tomorrow, at this time, I will be listening to Jack Johnson.
I will be watching Jack Johnson.
I will be experiencing the best moment of my week.
Oh Jack Johnson, so happy...

Then, on Saturday, I will be on my way to the happiest place on the Earth.
The beach. Where I can be happy. And enjoy the sun, the sand and the ocean.
Those are some of my favorite things ever.
Maybe I will try my hand at surfing.
That would be a dream come true.
Oh so happy...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Please forgive me.
Let me introduce you to Jack Johnson, since I so rudely did not before.
THIS is him before.
THIS is him now. It also gives you a little biography.
THIS is his song "You and Your Heart".
He is surfing because that's what he does.
He is singing because that's what he does.
As you can see, that is why I am excited for Friday.
Please enjoy him. I hope as much as I do.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Look at this entry's title.
Now back to this entry.
Now back at the title.
Now back to this entry.
It pretty much sums up my day, the title does.
Thank goodness it is almost over.
It's finals week.
Even with only 2 classes, it is driving me more mad than FIT finals week did, and that is saying something.
Nana always says that everything is worse when you are tired, and guess what. I am tired.
So I have come up with a cure to these days:
1. Prayers
2. Sleep
3. Crying
4. (Most importantly) HUGS.
Heartfelt hugs are such an act of service.
Those hugs make my day sunny and beautiful.
I'm going to need many more of those in the coming days.
Thank goodness I have good hug-givers in my lilfe.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday Loves

Good News:
Jack Johnson.

That's Right.
We Have A Date.
It's Time To Turn Your Love.
Red Wine, Mistakes, Apologies.
To The Sea.
No Good With Faces.
When I Look Up.
My Little Girl.
You And Your Heart.

Jack Johnson Has My Heart.
And Ever.
Peace Out.
With Banana Pancakes.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my friends.
Sadly, it is almost over.

Church was really good today.
It was testimony meeting and the spirit is always strong in the Springville branch.
I should actually say it was Yuba Testimony day.
Yuba Lake had a huge impact on everyone, not just me.
It is so amazing to see how much one activity with people being friendly and kind to others can have such a lasting effect on others.
I feel blessed to be part of such a great group of people.

Church was really good today.
Did I already say that?
Well, it was.
We walked down our Yuba Lake memory lane, swapped stories and giggled lots.
Also, getting to know good people is so fun.
I should try it more often.
It brings fun stories to the dinner table.
And there is nothing better than giggles at the dinner table.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

BEST WEEKEND EVER! and wickedest sunburn.

BONJOUR!! (I'm home safe, Dad!)
I am so happy. I could write in all caps this entire post with 12,000 exclamation points. 
First of all, this weekend was even better than I thought it was going to be. AMAZING.
The great news is great:
I always thought I did but didn't know for sure since I have not actually been boating. 
This weekend, I went boating.
Today, all I did was boat.
It rocked my world and I am SO getting a boat when I grow up and get a job.
I love it all: the hard work, the water, the life-jackets, the fun, the sun and the exhaustion.
I am so willing to plan all of the boating trips I take and I am so willing to learn how to be the best and safest boater possible. I am so excited. I found my new hobby.
The best news is best:
Simply, the Lord answers prayers, no matter how silly they may be. 
I am so grateful for His listening ear and heart that is willing to bless me, one of His children out of billions.
The Lord is so merciful and so wonderful.
Prayers are a direct connection to Him and He is so willing to listen to them, because He loves us.
He loves me.
He loves you.
And I love you, too.

Friday, July 30, 2010


So who wants to hear about my day?! 
It has been a long one, but a good one. 
First of all, last night ended for me at about 1:30. I was trying to write a paper and I wasn't having any luck at all. I decided that it was time to wrap up so I could get some sleep because today is special. So, I turned off my computer and shut my eyes. And I slept. For 3 hours. 
I was having the worst nightmares about my paper and the TV show Heroes (that I cannot believe I have not mentioned. It is my favorite.)
So, at 4:30, I finally could not take any more nightmares about it so I turned my computer on and wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And wrote.
I got done what I needed to but it makes for a long morning and afternoon and evening and night. 
But, I had an Excedrin and I am pretty sure I can get through this evening and tonight.
Because, if you remember, I am going camping at Yuba Lake in Utah tonight and tomorrow with my singles branch. I am pretty sure I have mentioned before that I love my singles branch, so I am tres, tres excited. 
I cannot wait to tell you all about it! 
It is going to be a weekend full of sun, campfires and boating.
Life is just so good.
So my friends, have a very very good weekend!
I will miss you! But, I will see you very soon!
And don't worry pops, I will be safe. And if I don't see you before I leave, I will give myself a Dad Lecture on my safety.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

wednesday adams

bad news: my thesis for my research paper got trashed.
time for a new topic, time to start over on my research.
sometimes, school has to throw you curve balls to keep your brain alive.
the j. crew pants my lovely mum bought for me have been shipped.
soon i will be walking around in salmon-colored delights.
i am quite fond of that color. and those pants.
i saw one of my besties this evening.
she looked so pretty and she just keeps getting prettier and prettier.
she always makes me laugh and reminds me why i love life.
i cannot imagine me without her.
i climbed a rope jungle gym tonight.
i have never felt cooler in my life.
i felt like i was sitting on top of a mast on a yacht.
all i needed was a whistle, a striped shirt, boat shoes and white pants.
or maybe just salmon pants.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it's so fluffy!!!

You know when you are just happy?
Well I am.
Just plain happy.
It is such a wonderful feeling.
The Lord is so good to me!
Do you want to know why??
Well, I'll tell ya!
I finally wrote my thesis statement for my insane research paper.
My lovely sister Smushy made me a piece of french toast for lunch.
My lovely sister Smushy and I made a wonderful adventure video together.
My wonderful mother bought me a gift from J. Crew that should be arriving in about a week. (She is so kind)
My wonderful father scared me while he was sitting in the dark garage after mowing the lawn in a beautiful pattern. (He makes me laugh--ahhaha!)
I watched the cutest little girl play with my puppy, Abish.
She was just plain happy, too.
The dog, and the girl.
Life is so good.

My Brain is Fuzzy...

You know those days where you just cannot think?
Where nothing comes into your brain and nothing comes out of your brain?
That was my day. It was not fun. And it hurts.
(The previous group of sentences is a grammatical error called something I can't remember. I just know it is wrong because my English professor pounded grammar into us today with a hammer.) (Maybe that is what happened to my brain.) (Awesome.) (One more grammatical error: the periods in these sentences just might belong on the outside of the parenthesis.) (I cannot remember.) (Or think.). (And for the record: I don't care.).

However, I said this week was going to be happy so let's see if I can find one happy thing that happened today...
Got it.

My dearest Mum made the best ham tonight. It was so delicious I couldn't stop eating it.
I am forbidden to tell you the recipe because it is top secret and unbelievable.
But I will say this, if you love deliciousness or have love in your heart at all, you will love her ham.
And if you cannot find something to love, the answer is Mum's ham. You will fall in love.

Food is always a happy thing. If you need help thinking of something happy, think of your most favorite food on the planet, and maybe just maybe a smile will creep into your heart.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Sabbath

Today was happy. This week is going to be happy.
Even though I have a major research paper due, it will be happy.
I gave a talk in church today. It was a miracle. It was about miracles.
My sweet family and sweet Bree came to listen to me. They are so sweet (crazy how the sweet people turn out to be sweet)! Love them dearly...
Sacrament was amazing. My branch does this really cool thing where after the Sacrament is passed, the presidency waits a few minutes so that the congregation is not interrupted in their thoughts or prayers. 
My presidency is amazing. They genuinely care so much about all of us.
This weekend, our branch is going boating and camping. I am so excited.
I have never really been a camper but I am excited to start.
I hope that someone teaches me how to work a boat. Because in my perfect world, that is where I live when I am young, middle-aged, and old. It is also where I retire, and work and play. It's a good thought.
And it's a good day.
This is the boat I want. If someone wants to teach me how to work it, I would be eternally grateful.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rockin Thursday

Yesterday may have been the best Thrusday of my life.
I wasn't planning on doing anything fun. But that all changed. Just for the record, being spontaneous is rewarding.
First of all, Stuart, Sash and I went to visit the Other Agles (as we like to call them). My cousins. I played outside for a while just chasing, tickling, raspberry-ing, and carrying two little peaches. These delicous little munchkins like to be called Sophie and JP. And they are too fun. I want to go back and play with them everyday.

Then, after that little bit o' heaven, I went bowling with Sash, Stuart and Curtis. Actually, I didn't really bowl. I tried and I didn't succeed but everyone else bowled. And well. I'm thinking we should form a team. Because it was fun. And that is all that matters.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Because....

So I am officially a Cougar-for reals. Since I have last come around here, I started up as a student at the Lord's School, otherwise known as BYU. Wow. Who knew college could get harder? I didn't and I am only taking 2 classes as opposed to 7. Life gets confusing..
The GOOD NEWS is that I am a nerd and like school.
Since the last time, I also started going to the singles ward again. I highly recommend attending the Springville Singles Branch because it is amazing and you will not find another branch like it. I also got a calling as the Compassionate Service Leader, which I am tres, tres excited about. I get to be compassionate and give service. I also get to give a talk on Miracles on Sunday. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, stories, questions, comments, etc. that you would like to give, hollar at me.
More GOOD NEWS: I am officially an owner of John Mayer's Battle Studies Tour tickets. When they came in the mail, it felt like Chirstmas.
Speaking of Chirstmas, J. Crew has new clothes in stores and online and they are so beautiful. If Santa feels like getting me something, like the gorgeous winter jacket that is not online yet, I would not complain. I would also not complain if he also got me all of J. Crew. Whatever he feels like...
Speaking of feelings, I love:
the beach
nerd glasses

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dearest Family and Friends: An Explanation

Sweet Family and Lovely Friends,

That's where I am.
It feels good to be home with you.
But I really miss New York, more than I thought I would be missing it at this point, especially since it is so early in the summer and so early in my transition from "FIT Fashion Girl" to "Undecided/Floater Girl".
I really shouldn't be surprised since New York was home for the past year, but I am.
I'm definitely not sad to be home, but I get a little teary-eyed when I have to tell people that I will be here for a while and won't be moving back to NYC for at least a few years.
I grew and grew up so much while living in New York. I learned and experienced things that I couldn't have anywhere else. And I needed to do it in a different place, on my own.

I'm Home.
It's going to take a while to adjust to this new life that I am not used to. While I am in the same town, same home and same room that I spent high school in, it's a new chapter in my life--a new chapter with a new me, and with new yous.
It feels completely different than I remembered and expected.
It's going to be a toughie and will take a lot of patience on your part, but thank goodness I know you love me enough to give me time while I figure things out.

I hope this gives you an explanation to why I may seem different than you remembered, and why it's taken me longer than I thought it would to adjust back to being home.
While a few things have changed (just so you know) I still love hugs and playing cards!!
Love you all!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to be...

For those who don't know, tomorrow is my last day of Fashion. It's more than just the last day of school before summer for me, it really is the last day of fashion, at least for now in my life. It's a bitter-sweet moment. I am excited to go home but sad to leave the city.
It hadn't hit me until today that I really am (once again) at that place in my life where I can be anything I want when I grow up.
But, I have been thinking about it and I have come up with a few options:

1. Professional Yachter--that's right. I would yacht for a living, on my yacht. And I would wear stripes, white pants and boat shoes all the time.

2. Dessert tester. I would mostly be tasting new creations by Magnolia Bakery and anything with the words "pie", "cake", or "blueberry" in the title.

3. J. Crew clothes tester. Basically, J. Crew would give me their clothes to wear. That's it. That's all. And I would get to keep them all.
If you have any suggetions or feedback, send them my way.
Until then, happy yachting.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Seventh Heaven

I should be doing Yoga homework (really?? Yes.) but I can't concentrate.
First of all, check out this boy!! Greyson Chance. He is insane and I love him. I wish either I was 11 or he was 19.
Second: How can anyone concentrate when they have had CINNAMON GRAHAM CRACKERS. Don't worry, you read that right. CINNAMON. They are amazing, especially when you eat them with chocolate like a smore without marshmellows. Or a fire.
Third: There was a lightning storm this evening. It was so beautiful I wish I had my camera. But I just sat on the roof forever and watched it until it was gone. It was GORGEOUS.
Fourth: I'm too tired to concentrate. That's what happens at the end of the semester. Can't they have finals at the beginning of a semester after everyone is well rested??
Fifth: Between classes today, Bree Lena and I squeezed in 2 episodes of Heroes. That made they day about 100% better.
Sixth: Don't tell, but I went to J. Crew yesterday knowing that payday was right around the corner. Don't worry, I didn't buy anything (except somehow a belt...I don't know how that happend, honest). However, they are holding my next purchase for me until I so desire to go in and buy it. I so desire.
Seventh: I COME HOME IN 11 DAYS!!! WOOHOO! I am quite excited about that. I could jump up and down all day, and sometimes I do.
It's just real good. Better than Yoga homework by about a gazillion light years.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday!

Good day. Here's why:

Last day of my job.
Bree's dance concert tonight.
Delicious rice and onions on toast (and I wonder why I get sick...)
Perfect weather--just like the movies.
Gavin Degraw.
Curly hair.
Cashmere sweater.
The weekend.
Mother's birthday yesterday, Mother's day on Sunday.
Seeing friends.
Talking to friends.
19 more days until I come home.

Good day. That's why.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yoga: And Breathe...

Saturday mornings are yoga mornings. I wake up at 6am to go to a 9am yoga class.
Yesterday's class was the most interesting yet, as we explored our chakras.
It's meant to be super fullfilling and relaxing, but as you will see, I was not very relaxed.

It went something like this:
"Imagine. Imagine a triangle with fire inside. Now, become that fire in the triangle."--Will this hurt?
"Imagine. Imagine a circle with green smoke within it's boundaries. Breathe in the smoke."--No thank you.
"Imagine. Imagine lying on the earth. Lying in a field of green grass. Or imagine YOU are the green grass, and your body is the field."--HAHA! (Imagine me, dressed in a grass unitard walking around New York City. Awesome.)
"Imagine. Imagine you are floating in water. Imagine you slowly become the water. Now, float in the water as the water. Just bob around in the water as the water. And slowly, wash away."--I don't understand what that means.
"Look up between your eyebrows. Look hard and look deep."--And now, stick out your tounge and say cheese for the camera.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Days

Bad news: if tomorrow is a bad day, it will be my 7th consecutive worst of bad days of my life.
I was wallowing in my sorrows today in my retail class when I thought of something that put a smile on my face: Harry Slatkin gave me a candle and that very candle is sitting in my bag right at this moment.
Ok, so Harry didn't just give me a candle, he gave one to about 300 other people, too. But still, Slatkin & Co.'s Green Tea & White Pear Scented Candle was sitting in MY bag and I smiled.
Then I thought, "What else has happened in the past 6 days that could make me smile right now?" (Yes, I think in quotations)

Here is what I thought of:
1. I bought my first J. Crew cashmere sweater and it is gorgeous and feels like clouds.
1A. J. Crew in general.
2. The food package Mum sent me with deliciousness inside.
3. The sandwich I made with that deliciousness. Dark wheat bread, pumpkin butter, soy mozerella cheese and black smoked ham.
4. I discovered the new TV show Parenthood. It's my kind of show.
5. When I get home, Janna is going to cut my hair because she is fabulous and the only one that will ever touch my hair.
6. My retail teacher (the cutest woman on the planet) told us that grocery shopping was the worst part of "wifedom", talking about her life as a wife.
7. Recieving a letter from Sister Dano
and last but certainly not least
9. 29 days until I go home, sweet home.

Even though these past few days have been rough, the Lord never ceases to bless me with His tender mercies. And what a tender mercy it is to have Him remind me of the good stuff that makes life a little happier.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picture of Perfection

This, my friends, is the Picture of Perfection. Heaven in a Bag. World Peace in Mango-Flavor. Love in a Liquorice.
 You may be thinking to yourselves, "But Katie, this is just mango liquorice. There's nothing special about mango liquorice."
My reply: "Here, try one."
You may just change your mind.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I pick...

Jenna's picks.
I have (shockingly) never before mentioned my obsession/addiction/oxygen/vacation/life.
I don't know where I would be with out it. But with it, I am broke.
You know those stories you hear about girls who buy a pair of shoes and then worry about paying the rent?
That may or may not be me...
I know Harry Slatkin is my hero in fashion, but my second hero in fashion is the following team: Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons. Mickey saved J. Crew from dying and Jenna designs the garments of redemption.
I like to think that Jenna and I could be friends because we both love flowers. And J. Crew.
 They are fabulous and I owe them one.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I love Sunday as the sweet summer approaches.
Best summer Sunday activity:
Nap time in the warm living room on the cool couch, basking in the sunshine.
Try it this summer. It may become your happy place.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonight, I went to a presentation given by the Leading Expert in Home Fragrance: Harry "The Nose" Slatkin. AMAZING.

Here are the highlights:
Harry started on Wall Street and then transitioned into the Fashion Industry=GUTS.
He encourages one to be clever and whitty (just like him).
EVERYTHING is in New York.
Oprah Factor: Treat everyone as your equal.
Key to sucess: "Everything I do, I love."
I want to attend a Scent Opera.
If something feels comfortable, tap into it and find out if it is your gift.
Most important rule in Buisness: Business Sense, Business Sense, Business Sense.
Know more than the obvious.
You are who you associate with.
HAVE PASSION. If you have passion it will come through even if you are talking on the phone.
Best part of life: Not knowing what the future holds.
All knowledge is good knowledge.
Ask questions in life.
"Too much icing, not enough cake."
Harry "The Nose" Slatkin really does have an amazing nose.
(And by the way, Martha Stewart came over to his home to have dinner on Thursday. And Elton John swears by him. And Oprah is a good friend. And the editors of Allure Magazing and Harper's Bazaar are his best friends. And he single-handedly changed the Home Fragrance Industry. Just saying...)

Basically, Harry is my hero in business and one day, my home will smell like his.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Grandies

My Grandparents. I don't know how to put them into words. They are all so amazing.
How lucky am I that I have 4??! Super lucky, that's how lucky.
Let me introduce to you 4 wonderful people that everyone should have as grandparents.

First of all, meet Grandma Agle, the most capable lady on this planet and mother of 7 wonderful people. She does it all folks, and makes delicious meals. Grandma has the best taste in purses, accessories and clothes, never leaving a pop of color out of her outfit on any given day. Not only is Grandma a hard worker and stylish woman, she always puts a smile on my face when I see her sweet smile. She is also a wicked card player and seems to be on a winning streak for the past, oh I'd say, lifetime. What a wonderful lady, I do love her so.

Now, meet Grandma's hubby, Grandpa Agle, the man with the coldest feet, but warmest heart. Whenever I think of dear Grandpa he is in his sheepskin slippers, a hawaiian shirt, wearing his Indiana Jones hat, with a wonderful smile on his eyes. This man is incredible and says the most inspiring things. Grandpa is one of the hardest workers I know, but, believe me, he knows how to enjoy life more than any person I know. I sure love him very much.

Ok, lets take a little trip across the country from Southern California, across the Atlantic Ocean and into England.

Hello, this is Nana Tyler. Nana. Where do I even begin with this outstanding woman? Well, Nana is the softest spoken lady and the wisest lady, too. How can one woman know exactly what to say to me that will get me through the day? I don't know but Nana does and it rubbed off on her amazing daughter. Nana only helps and thinks of others, serving all around her. Not only is she a beautiful person inside, she is a gorgeous woman on the outside. She also makes incredible food and smells delicious all the time. I hope one day to be like her.

Please meet Gandpa Tyler. Grandpa is a wonderful photographer and knows so much. Go ahead, ask him any question you want about a camera, history, machines, math, science,weather, anything, and he will give you an answer and explain it. He is also a very kind person, full of love that shows only how a Grandpa can show it. Not only do I love how much Grandpa Tyler knows, I love how he talks, and I'm not talking about his accent. I am talking about his conversations. I could sit and listen to him for hours. Wonderful man and blessed to have him in my life.

Well, those are the Grandies! I wish everyone could meet them and know them like I do--they are quite wonderful. I love them ________________THIS________________ much!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy and Sad

It rained today, I am happy.

I didn't get a Grey's Papya Hot Dog today, I am sad.

I went to the Planetarium show, Journey To The Stars, happy.

I had to walk around a museum when I could be playing in the rain, sad.

I made a delicious lunch today, happy.

My bright pink J. Crew sweater has faded, sad.

I finished all of my homework due tomorrow, happy.

It's going to snow on Friday, sad.

I am going to Serendipity on Friday for Bree's birthday. I am going to order a Summer Bries sandwich and a Can't Say No Sundae. And maybe a Frozen Hot Chocolate. I am Happy.

So Happy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Day xoxoxo!


Check out our sweet Sashy's blog! Sha-Sha-Speaks

She is quite an awesome girl and I LOVE her and so does everyone else! What a catch! I just want to talk to her all day! (I can be smushy-mushy because it's Valentine's Day). xoxoxoxoxo!! Hugs and Kisses and everything beautiful!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vancouver City, Winter Olympics 2010

So...Vancouver. Where is that? Just kidding!! I know it's in Russia...Just kidding again! It is on the West Coast of Canada. To be honest, I really have no idea if Vancouver is just Vancouver Island or more than that. But I do know this: It's where the Olympics are this year! Woohoo! It's not like I will have time to watch it but I can still be excited!

You must watch THIS. Now, if I had known that Vancouver was and experience instead of just a place, I would have joined team USA.

Breathtaking?? Yes. That is just one of the words that comes to mind.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am currently experiencing my very first snow day ever. And let me tell you, it is wonderful.

Here's an inside look to what it looked outside.

Have fun diggin those cars out...

There was no snow about 12 hours before this was taken.

This is what I woke up to. It is actually very beautiful and I love having this tree outside my window.

What did I think about all day? This. Here is the preview. I saw the movie last week with Bree and Emily. I just finished the book last night. I predicted I was going to like the book more than the movie. When it's been out longer and more people have seen it, I will fill you in my thoughts. Here is a sneak peak of my my thoughts: I need a box of Kleenex.

I also thought about This along with This, oh and These Feet. And one more: How cute is THIS?? It's my new laptop wallpaper. No, I am not a creeper or a stalker, I just want to marry him. That's all.

I looked at all of those while I listened to my new and old favorite music. My old faves include Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. I recently rediscovered one of my favorite Mraz songs. I forgot how much I LOVE it. It is quite rare and I would like to share it with you: Halfway Home. Mraz and Jack Johnson always remind me that snow doesn't last forever and Spring and Summer are fast approaching! I'm excited to visit some of the beaches around here!

My new favorites come from the Dear John soundtrack. I love the songs "The Moon" by The Swell Season, "Paperweight" by Joshua Radina and Schuyler Fisk, and "Little House" by Amand Seyfried. All very chill, snow-day music, if I may say so myself.

Here is the most random thing I did today: I watched Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc. I love that movie and if you haven't seen it in a while and need to smile and need to feel carefree, watch it and all your worries will go away--even if just for a couple of hours.

I have discovered I am quite fond of snow days--especially when they are like this. Next snow day, I am going sledding.

Friday, February 5, 2010

FIT FIT FIT...New Year's Resolution or My School?

This was my first week back at school--let me tell you. It was CRAZY.
Come with me on a walk through my schedule!
Macroeconomics-This class is interesting. I am already confused but so excited about the material! I like to pretend I am all into economics and understand it. This class gives me an opportunity to actually understand a little bit more! How excited! Macro-me!!

Contemporary Retail Management-2 words. PROFESSOR MESSINGER. Janice Messinger. What a woman. She is so successful and has more than enough credentials to teach this retail class. She is "Super-Professional-Woman". She so far has made this class really interesting and has so many great stories.

Sociology- Another amazing person teaches this class. His name is Marc aldsjfiaghiewefigo...or something. Ok, actually, I can't pronounce or spell his last name, that's why we call him Marc. Marc isn't even his real first name. His first name is actually Ajhgohiaofhwerjwjef (The "h" is silent). This guy is young and happy and looks like he is ready to go sailing in his Sperry Topsider and Nautical get up. Sweeet.

Earth Science-Ugh. Science and I have never had the best relationship. We actually hate each other. The lady that teaches this class is Super Nerd and loves her dogs more than her husband. She is really cute but I like that this class is kind of an independent study course. Half of it is online, the other half of class we take field trips. I have my first one next Wednesday. It's going to be at a museum where we look at Science stuff. Sounds fun, eh?

Fashion Marketing- AWESOME. I am so pumped about this class. This guy is really old, loves leather shoe boxes, technology, Costco, his wife and Chico's. What a fantastic mix. He scared me to begin with but once he opened his mouth, the nerves flew away!

Advertising and Promotion-Interesting class. My professor's name is Abimbola Ogansola (not kidding this time). He has a super strong accent from somewhere (maybe Africa??) I don't know anything about him because as soon as he walked in, we learned the Marketing Mix, Promotional Mix and the 8 different types of communication in the Marketing world for the next 3 hours straight. Intense guy but I love the subject matter so far.

Yoga-That's right everyone, I have a Saturday morning class. This is my PE class. Excited? Yes. Painful? HECK YES. But hopefully I come out a more zen-like being. All I have to remember is that summer is coming and that means swimsuits, swimming and the beach! (YES!! I found one in good ole NY!) Must look my best. Oh yes, and breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through the nose. Now...relax in "downward-dog-sitting-on-a-pigeon-eating-a-pretzel" pose...and breathe.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome Back to New York

Today was my first Sunday back on the Island. Let me tell you how I know that I am back.

I had a meeting this evening at 6. To get there on time, I left at 5 to get up to the Lincoln Square church/temple building on 66th street.

The reason I left a whole hour early is this: The trains mess with your mind on the weekends. Sometimes, trains don't run, or run on a different track, or pass by a stop completely. I thought I was ok because I knew that this weekend, the 66th uptown subway stop was closed. To get to 66th by traveling uptown (since I live downtown, I have to travel on the uptown trains to get up-town), you have to take the train up to 72nd street, transfer to the 1 train downtown one stop to  the 66th street downtown subway stop (is this even making sense??).

The 1 train is a local train that hits all the stops. The 2/3 train is an express train that hits only some of the stops while passing by many of the stops in between. In short, taking the 1 to 72nd street is longer than taking the 2/3 to 72nd then switching to the 1 downtown as previously mentioned.

So, let's start at the beginning:
5pm- leave to catch the 1 train.
5:06 pm- arrive at the 1 uptown subway stop.
5:15 pm- 1 uptown train still hasn't arrived...bovered.
5:18 pm- 1 uptown train arrives. I can make it to the meeting in 40 mins. This could work.
5: 24 pm- 1 uptown train arrives at Chambers Street stop. This is where I catch the 2/3 express uptown train so that I can get to 72nd street faster. Exit 1 train at Chambers street.
5:30 pm- Still waiting on platform for the 2/3 train to arrive. Wow. This train is seriously express. NOT.
5:35 pm- Wow. Here is the 2/3 train, creeping up to the platform. Awesome. Get on 2/3 train.
5:35-5:50 pm- Ride 2/3 train all the way to 72nd street stop. This is the slowest express train I have ever been on. I could have run up to 72nd street from the STATUE OF LIBERTY faster.
5:50 pm- Exit 2/3 train at 72nd street. Run upstairs, across the way, run downstairs to downtown platform. (this is where I have to catch the 1 train back downtown one stop to get to 66th street). DANG!!! There goes the 1 train, sailing right on past the platform. Missed it.
5:55 pm- Weird guy asks me if I am waiting to get on the 1 train. (When I said yes, he smiled. Probably because he was a psychic and could see what was going to happen next.)
6:00 pm- My meeting is starting! That's ok, I can be a few minutes late. It was probably faster to just walk from 72nd street to 66th street. Oh well.
6:10 pm- Still waiting....
6:13 pm- Oh look! Here is the 1 train!! Yay! I am finally going to get to my meeting! Enter the 1 train (LOCAL train--you know, the one that makes ALL the stops??)
6:15 pm- Sail past 66th street stop. Shoot.
6:16 pm- Sail past 59th street stop. Uh-oh.
6:16-6:20 pm- Stuck on the non-moving 1 downtown train that just past the stop I need. Now I can't even get the train to move down to 42nd street (Times Square) so that I can ask Emily, who is at the meeting, to take notes for me as I will obviously not be attending.
6:22 pm- Get off at 42nd street to make a few calls, Emily will take notes (what a wonderful girl!!)
6:25 pm- Get back on the train to make my way home. (Ok, cool. Now the express train decides to really be express and not molasses-fast.)
6:35 pm- Almost at Rector Street station, my home stop (there's no place like home, there's no place like home...).
6:40 pm- Arrive home after a long evening of trains that mess with my mind.

Fun night, right?? Right. That's how the Island welcomes me back! Thanks, it's good to be back:) Just you try to kick me off the Island stupid trains!! Just try...