Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Days

Bad news: if tomorrow is a bad day, it will be my 7th consecutive worst of bad days of my life.
I was wallowing in my sorrows today in my retail class when I thought of something that put a smile on my face: Harry Slatkin gave me a candle and that very candle is sitting in my bag right at this moment.
Ok, so Harry didn't just give me a candle, he gave one to about 300 other people, too. But still, Slatkin & Co.'s Green Tea & White Pear Scented Candle was sitting in MY bag and I smiled.
Then I thought, "What else has happened in the past 6 days that could make me smile right now?" (Yes, I think in quotations)

Here is what I thought of:
1. I bought my first J. Crew cashmere sweater and it is gorgeous and feels like clouds.
1A. J. Crew in general.
2. The food package Mum sent me with deliciousness inside.
3. The sandwich I made with that deliciousness. Dark wheat bread, pumpkin butter, soy mozerella cheese and black smoked ham.
4. I discovered the new TV show Parenthood. It's my kind of show.
5. When I get home, Janna is going to cut my hair because she is fabulous and the only one that will ever touch my hair.
6. My retail teacher (the cutest woman on the planet) told us that grocery shopping was the worst part of "wifedom", talking about her life as a wife.
7. Recieving a letter from Sister Dano
and last but certainly not least
9. 29 days until I go home, sweet home.

Even though these past few days have been rough, the Lord never ceases to bless me with His tender mercies. And what a tender mercy it is to have Him remind me of the good stuff that makes life a little happier.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picture of Perfection

This, my friends, is the Picture of Perfection. Heaven in a Bag. World Peace in Mango-Flavor. Love in a Liquorice.
 You may be thinking to yourselves, "But Katie, this is just mango liquorice. There's nothing special about mango liquorice."
My reply: "Here, try one."
You may just change your mind.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I pick...

Jenna's picks.
I have (shockingly) never before mentioned my obsession/addiction/oxygen/vacation/life.
I don't know where I would be with out it. But with it, I am broke.
You know those stories you hear about girls who buy a pair of shoes and then worry about paying the rent?
That may or may not be me...
I know Harry Slatkin is my hero in fashion, but my second hero in fashion is the following team: Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons. Mickey saved J. Crew from dying and Jenna designs the garments of redemption.
I like to think that Jenna and I could be friends because we both love flowers. And J. Crew.
 They are fabulous and I owe them one.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I love Sunday as the sweet summer approaches.
Best summer Sunday activity:
Nap time in the warm living room on the cool couch, basking in the sunshine.
Try it this summer. It may become your happy place.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonight, I went to a presentation given by the Leading Expert in Home Fragrance: Harry "The Nose" Slatkin. AMAZING.

Here are the highlights:
Harry started on Wall Street and then transitioned into the Fashion Industry=GUTS.
He encourages one to be clever and whitty (just like him).
EVERYTHING is in New York.
Oprah Factor: Treat everyone as your equal.
Key to sucess: "Everything I do, I love."
I want to attend a Scent Opera.
If something feels comfortable, tap into it and find out if it is your gift.
Most important rule in Buisness: Business Sense, Business Sense, Business Sense.
Know more than the obvious.
You are who you associate with.
HAVE PASSION. If you have passion it will come through even if you are talking on the phone.
Best part of life: Not knowing what the future holds.
All knowledge is good knowledge.
Ask questions in life.
"Too much icing, not enough cake."
Harry "The Nose" Slatkin really does have an amazing nose.
(And by the way, Martha Stewart came over to his home to have dinner on Thursday. And Elton John swears by him. And Oprah is a good friend. And the editors of Allure Magazing and Harper's Bazaar are his best friends. And he single-handedly changed the Home Fragrance Industry. Just saying...)

Basically, Harry is my hero in business and one day, my home will smell like his.